A Handmaid’s Tale (HULU, 2017)

This new series starting April 26th 2017 on HULU starring Elizabeth Moss uses some of Hildur’s music… episodes 2, 3 and 9 contain tracks you can hear on her bandcamp site [hildurgudnadottir.bandcamp.com], where you can stream and download her albums.

Edda Award

Hildur, Jóhann Jóhannsson and Rutger Hoedemaekers received the Edda Award (Iceland Film Academy Award) for their score for the Icelandic TV series Trapped.


Hildur Gudnadottir's discography is now available on Bandcamp.

Here you can buy high quality downloads of her releases, as well as physical (where available).

Icelandic Music Prize 2014

Hildur has been nominated for the Icelandic Music Prize 2014 as composer of the year, and Saman as record of the year in the Open Category.

Turkish Filmfestival 2014

Hildur has been awarded for best original score for the film Jin, at the Turkish Filmfestival in Frankfurt.

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